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Halloween ’16: Candy reviews

I’ve always had the biggest sweet tooth of everyone I know. All throughout middle school I would grab a handful of quarters before leaving for school so that afternoon I could snag some candy from CVS walking home. I first stuck to all the typical treats like Snickers and Skittles but I soon grew tired of these classics and decided to branch out a little. I prided myself over the fact I had tried more types of candies than anyone else I knew, I shared my knowledge with friends and now I will share some of my favorite lesser known sweets with you.

Australia’s Darrell Lea Strawberry Flavor Soft Eating Licorice (Darrell Lea):

When it came to licorice I thought there were only two things worth knowing: do you prefer Twizzlers or Red Vines and can you stomach black licorice. However, once I had Darrell Lea, I realized how little I truly knew about licorice. Darrell Lea is a softer form of licorice that melts in your mouth unlike any other. They have a variety of flavors like Mango and Green Apple, but nothing quite compares to the classic Strawberry. It’s much more sophisticated than other licorices, it’s pricier and also it’s harder to find. I’ve seen Darrell Lea at Rite Aid before but usually it can only be found at smaller speciality stores like World Market. Whenever you happen to stumble upon it do yourself a favor and buy a bag or two. If you like licorice, you won’t regret it.

5th Avenue (Hershey’s):

Before I started writing these reviews I wrote a list of the candy I wanted to review, one of the first on the list was the 5th Avenue. When I actually began to write about it however, I couldn’t quite think of how to describe them. I grabbed my car keys, drove to CVS and walked to the front of the store where you can usually find them in the rows of candy bars below the cashiers. They were on sale for 88 cents so I quickly made my purchase and headed back to my car. I peeled off the relatively nondescript brown wrapper and took a bite. Coated in chocolate are thin strips of peanut butter that break apart delicately in your mouth. Before reading the ingredients I might not have guessed the inside was made of peanut butter as I have always thought 5th Avenues were toffee since they almost entirely lack a peanut butter taste. Although I was wrong about what the candy consisted of, I wasn’t wrong that they are delicious. These chocolate bars have been around since 1936 but I’ve found most people have never even heard of them so if you like peanut butter in chocolate (or toffee) branch out a little and try one of these oldies.

Rips Bite Size Licorice Pieces (Rips):

Don’t be fooled by the word licorice in their name: Rips are nothing like the kind of candy we might normally classify as licorice. A classic bag of Rips contains about thirty sour squares of sugary goodness in both Strawberry and Green Apple flavors. Each square can be torn into little strips of sour strings and they are so delicious. I first found Rips in 6th grade with some friends from my soccer team and I have never turned back. I’ve introduced Rips to many of my friends over the years, and with a 100% success rate, Rips are the perfect mix of sour and sweet in any chewy candy. They come in a variety of styles like Rips Rolls and Rips Bits but nothing compares to the classic Rips Bite Size Licorice Pieces. They’re sometimes tricky to find, but have been spotted before in 7/11, Safeway, and Rite Aid.

Hi-Chew (Hi Chew):

So at this point Hi-Chews are relatively well known and pretty much universally liked but I think it’s safe to say I was one of the first people to try them when my dad bought me a packet in 5th grade.What I loved then is what I still love now, that each Hi-Chew is cute and individually wrapped. They start off really chewy but they quickly dissolve and I love that there are so many flavors. Hi-Chews come mostly in fruit flavors but they range from Grape to Mango to Green Apple, each one unique and totally satisfying. Whenever you’re looking for a burst of flavor to make your day a little more interesting grab a Hi-Chew, with so many different flavors and mixed bags available you’re bound to find something you like. If you haven’t yet tried them, you absolutely should, they’re delicious and there’s nothing quite like them. They’re sold at most grocery stores and have also been found at various convenience stores.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy (Bonomo):

Taffy has never been my go-to choice when buying candy, but admittedly I have always liked Laffy Taffy (particularly banana), and an occasional a piece of salt water taffy. But when it comes to Turkish Taffy, I buy as many as I can whenever I get my hands on it. This taffy comes in thin bars and are best eaten after storing in the freezer and then broken on the counter to many small pieces. It’s chewy and fun like any normal taffy, but what stands out so much is the flavors. My personal favorite is the classic vanilla which might sound boring but is actually incredibly sweet and delicate. The other flavors include chocolate, strawberry and banana, each one great. If you like taffy, you will be sure to love this kind! It can be hard to find but look for them in stores like World Market and online.


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