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Hundreds of computers stolen from DCPS since 2013

According to an article published by NBC4 Washington, police reports indicate that in the past three years over 300 computers have been stolen from DCPS schools. Although one man was arrested as a suspect for thefts at Maury Elementary, many of the other thieves have yet to be found. Part of why suspects have been difficult to determine is due to the fact that few of the robberies are the same. With the thefts varying  equipment stolen, time of the day, and potential number of thieves, it is clear they are not being committed by the same person, but by several independent groups.

The number of stolen DCPS computers is staggering compared to the amount of thefts that occur in neighboring school districts like Fairfax County. Although other districts have schools with access to the same amount of technology, DCPS is a clear outlier with no other districts’ amount of thefts coming anywhere close. Why this is the case is still in question, but it is certain that thefts are happening all over the city. DCPS has made approximately 120 insurance claims regarding the thefts since 2013, and the Metropolitan Police Department advises schools to take extra precautions in protecting their technology.

Wilson Principal Kimberly Martin was not aware of any computer thefts taking place at Wilson.


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