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Long-awaited Tenley apartment building soon to be completed

A luxury apartment building called The Frequency, opening in February 2018, is currently under construction right across from Wilson. We’ve all passed by it on our way to or from school, avoiding the piles of mud and chain link fences that surround it, but many of us don’t even know what’s being built. The sound of drills plummeting into the ground and ladders clanking open can be heard from certain parts of the school building, and it seems like it’s been going on forever.

So what is the building? And how will it affect us at Wilson?

The answer is Frequency: a modern, multi-story apartment complex equipped with a parking garage, quartz kitchen counters, and designer lighting, that has been in progress for just under a year. Marketing director Dominique Danielle explains that the company decided to build in Tenley because they developed a “fondness for the town and for breathing new life into historic DC buildings.”

The project is overseen by UIP Property Management Inc. 25 to 30 team members work at the site each day, performing a variety of work such as electrics and engineering. The team hopes that the building might be able to provide housing for members of the Wilson community.

For many Tenleytown residents, the construction of the building along with the construction of various others is positive, as the neighborhood is getting a new and modern look. From Buredo to District Taco to the Tile Shop, the area seems to be gaining businesses left and right. For others, the importance of keeping Tenleytown’s historic feel is what comes first.

Nevertheless, Danielle and her team are thrilled to finally get the building up and running. •