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Musical Preview: Into The Woods


This fall, director Harriet Bronstein and assistant director Jill Roos will be putting on a production of the musical “Into the woods”, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and based on the book by James Lapine. The musical is a fantasy, an alternate version of well-known everyday fairy tales. As Ms. Bronstein and Ms. Roos put it, “it’s Grimm fairy tales, but the characters all interwoven.”

The show starts off with four characters who each have a wish. Cinderella, played by 11th grader Eva Schulman, wishes to attend the king’s festival. Jack, portrayed by 12th grader Alex Caroll-Cabanes, wishes his cow would produce milk. The Baker and his wife, played by 11th grader Ben Topa and 9th grader Sophie Thurshwell, respectively, wish for a child. Early in the story, their neighbor the Witch, played by 12th grader Yana Madrid, reveals the truth behind why the Baker and his wife are unable to have a child, and they begin their journey to please the witch by seeking out objects she requests for a potion. Along the way, they run into the other characters of the play, each searching for something in the woods. The first half of the show ends in a happily ever after, but it doesn’t last long due to the hectic second act.

Into The Woods is extremely challenging music wise, the actors note.  “I am excited for the music because its a very challenging musical music wise. This year the singing is what makes the show standout,” says Michael Bayliss, an 11th grader playing the Wolf. The actors will be rehearsing non stop until Opening night, November 21st. The show should be interesting and exciting to watch, and it is sure to be unlike any other production performed here at Wilson.

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