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New Editors Address the School


The Beacon has served as the voice of the Wilson student body since 1936. Eighty-six years later, we’re thrilled to be leading the paper in carrying on that mission. We are committed to providing hard-hitting, relevant, and thought-provoking coverage of events and issues impacting our community. And we reaffirm our commitment to quality–producing top-notch writing, photography, design, and overall product for the benefit of the student body.

It is an exciting time for The Beacon as we expand and explore new realms. This year we’re thrilled to introduce our new and improved website, The site will feature new content in every section, every week. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram (@wilsonbeacon), and Facebook (The Wilson Beacon).

As Co-Editors-In-Chief, our main goal this year is to connect the school in new and meaningful ways, both by expanding The Beacon’s media platforms and by making an effort to include new voices in the paper to truly represent the diverse, multifaceted place that is Wilson.

Like many people in the Wilson community, we are proud of and grateful for the diversity represented at this school. Students here are exposed to more than 1,800 different viewpoints formed by a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. However, after three years here we know that this diversity does not always translate into unity. People here often rest comfortably in groups of peers who seem like them, and don’t seek out different people or alternate perspectives.

Our goal is to change that. We want to create opportunities for the perspectives of all students to be heard. We want to start conversation, to help bridge the divides that have prevented unity in the past. We aim to diversify both the perspectives on our staff and also the content of our paper, to better connect with all Wilson students.

But we can’t do that without your help. Write an article for The Beacon. Take photos. Make a video. Help us design our paper and website. Don’t worry if you don’t know how–we’ll teach you. This year we’ll have interest meetings in the atrium at the beginning of every month, and office hours every Tuesday at lunch in room C-210, to the right of the auditorium. Drop by anytime, or email us at You can also approach any editor in the halls–we’re friendly, we promise!

We know you have something to say, and we have the perfect place for you to say it.