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Prose and cons: evaluating the food at local bookstore/café


There is a new food service nestled in the quiet cove of Politics and Prose, run by the Little Red Fox. “The Den,” as it’s called, is a rustic space, with your typical overpriced coffee and Instagram-worthy meals. Its relaxing ambience is enhanced by the sound of young adults typing busily on their laptops and the underlying lack of conversational hum. Seriously, we were the only ones talking. Think less café, more library. The food includes $5 toast (what) that tasted to local Temple Sinai attender Eden Breslow “like challah with jam.” The traditionally Jewish dish is listed along with other hearty meals like a $6 quinoa bowl (what is this, LA?!) and an extensive alcohol list. The space was simultaneously modern and rustic, feeling very similar to P&P’s original cafe, despite its expansion and remodeling. Starting at 4 p.m., they offer a dinner menu that consists of about five bigger plates. This dining area is definitely not a high schooler-friendly hangout (unless you’re in the mood to sit very quietly and look important), but nonetheless, everything was delicious and will definitely draw more ADULTS to the landmark bookstore. •

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