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Q and A with Mr. Bargeman



Q: Are you a redskins fan?

A: I am not. I am a Miami Dolphins fan.

Q: So you have no opinion on the Redskins future then?

A: Future meaning the name of the Redskins?..or…

Q: Either

A: I personally think it should be changed. I like the Washington Braves.

Q: What do you think about their future as a team? Performance wise

A: I think in the next ten years they should be fine. It’ll take them a little while.

Q: What’s your favorite Tenley restaurant?

A: My favorite Tenley restaurant is Angelicos. I love their grilled cheese sandwich. It’s wonderful. With a slice of tomato on it it’s perfect.

Q: Who’s your favorite musician?

A: I say this partially because of my wife, but Prince. She loves Prince, so she made me a lover of Prince.

Q: Have you ever seen him in concert?

A: I haven’t, but my wife has.

Q: What do you think of the music that kids listen to nowadays?

A: When I’m driving in the car with my daughter with the XM Radio, she’ll put it on a station with profane language. I just don’t like profane language in the music. Once the profane language comes up, I look at her and she looks at me and she knows to turn it off.

Q: Do you like to party?

A: I will say that when I was in college back then I liked to party. I don’t party hardly any now that I’m 50, but I loved to party when I was in college.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add about your personal life?

A: I have one daughter named Kendall. I’ve been here [at Wilson] for 14 years now, and she’s 15 now so I like to tell her that she is an honorary tiger.

Q: Does she go to Wilson?

A: No. She goes to Roosevelt in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Q: What are your main goals as principal at Wilson?

A: Well we have the goals that they’ve given me, and that is ninth grade promotion rate. So what we’re doing about ninth grade promotion rate for as far as next year’s concerned, because I’m in charge of putting the plan together for next year, were bringing back the ninth grade academy because we want to make sure we are focusing on the ninth grade. We’re looking at the data of ninth grade and we’re looking at the students, and if students fall behind we want to make sure we put some strategies in place for them to make sure they’re successful.

Q: How do you feel about the changes at Wilson with the absence of Cahall?

A: I think we are moving in the right direction, they have given me Mr. Cahall’s goals and told me ‘these are now your goals and you have to achieve those goals’

(*Mr. Bargeman had to leave briefly*)

Q: Right before you left, you said that we are moving in the right direction after Cahall left, how do you think this change of principal midyear has affected the students?

A: Well from the comments, I haven’t gotten many comments from students as far as to how they feel about the change.

Q: Like you’ve gotten comments from parents and administration?

A: Yes, a lot of people have known I’ve been here for a while. I’ve been at Wilson for 14 years and they sort of feel comfortable with me. You know, I’ve been here when a parent’s older child who was graduating here, they came to me and said, you know ‘glad you got the position, we’ve known you for a long time’. I used to run the ninth grade academy, so I guess they know me as far as that’s concerned. They’re comfortable with me.

Q: Do you think this change was for the greater good of the Wilson community?

A: I don’t know. I don’t know all of the details behind all of why Mr. Cahall was released.

Q: Who informed you of the change and how have they been keeping you updated with information?

A: They called me over the winter break and asked me would I be interim because Mr. Cahall was leaving and so my boss, Dan Shea, has been keeping me abreast on what I need to do, in the principal job.

Q: Have you kept in touch with Cahall?

A: I spoke to him this past weekend, he’s telling me he has a new job, he’s feeling less stressed.

Q: In terms of your personal relationship with Cahall, how has it been affected by the change?

A: Cahall and I have been friends, well for the 7 years he’s been here. It hasn’t affected anything. We can still have a conversation on the phone.

Q: What kind of principal does Wilson need right now?

A: A principal that connects with the students and the parents. A principal who is focused on improving the school and a principal who can bring in community organizations.

Q: What are your future plans, as in applying for the job again?

A: I do want to be a principal, I plan on applying, but I also plan on- if there’s something else out there for me, any other principal jobs. But Wilson might be my number 1 choice. I’ve been assistant principal for 6 years so I think the time is kind of good.

Q: What are your personal opinions and what do you think happened with Cahall? Based on everything that has been reported on and what you’ve heard, is there something you think people don’t know?

A: What they tell me is, it’s a personnel matter and I can’t discuss it.

Q: Tell us about your childhood.

A: I am from a little small town in North Carolina called Beaufort its right on the coast. I’m closely connected to high school because when my mother was a junior in high school she gave birth to me. I was her third child. The most amazing thing that I like to tell people is that even though my mother had three children in high school, when she graduated at the age of 19 she received a certificate for perfect attendance. That always moved me. Even though she had me in January, she never missed a day of school.

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: I went to the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on an academic scholarship. When I came here [to DC] I was a librarian for 8 years with the public library. Thats where I had my masters in library science. Then I worked in education for 18 years at the elementary level as a library media specialist, so I can tell stories. I used to be an actor also. I played a short role in the Malcolm X film, and did a lot of stage work.

Q: What took you to DC?

A: Well, where I’m from in North Carolina, we believed that DC is the land of opportunity. So whenever I go back to North Carolina, they always think I’m doing something big, because my town is so small. It only had about 5000 people. Everybody knows everybody.

Q: What else do you like to do in your free time?

A: I love to bike. I’ve done a 68 mile and a 42 mile. My goal is to do a 100 mile.

Q: Have you won races before?

A: I don’t to it to win money, but to raise money for a cause.

Thanks to Mr. Bargeman!