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Recycling club goes greener

Bottles and cans. In the past, these have been an inconvenience for the Recycling Club, who up until now only had the resources to recycle paper. As a result, these plastic products, along with many others, had to be separated from the blue bins posted around the building and disposed of with other landfill items. The student-run organization is now taking on its second year at Wilson, under the leadership of seniors Eleanor Haworth and Casey Redmond. With experience under their belt and the DCPS honor roll award for recycling to their name, the club, consisting of around 10-15 members, has implemented some minor changes that will lead to major improvements in making Wilson a greener place. “We saw a lot of flaws in the system here at Wilson with recycling and just being environmentally friendly..we noticed that if we have the capabilities to recycle and help our community like this, we should,” said Redmond.

The main goal they are working towards this year is being able to recycle bottles and cans, as opposed to just paper, which they were limited to in the past. In addition, they are working to recruit more members to their welcoming environment. “We want to spread awareness of recycling and of the benefits it can have across the school. We also want people to know that they can come to Recycling Club not only for community service hours, but also for its diverse community.”

In addition, the organization has worked to spread awareness by putting up posters around the school. They also have a new advisor, Tracy Eichelberger, Wilson’s Director of Strategy and Logistics, who oversees their organization and provides staff support. The recycling club meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school in Room 205, and is open to all new members.


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