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Say ‘goodbye’ to tangled headphones and ‘hello’ to wireless AirPods: The iPhone 7 is here

Apple has finally released the long-awaited iPhone 7, now available for pre-order and in stores September 16. The design boasts higher definition cameras, the iPhone’s longest battery life ever, a pressure-sensitive home button, new black finishes, and a chip that is two times faster than that of the iPhone 6. Arguably the biggest change to the model the removal of a headphone jack, designed to allow more space for the battery and to make the phone more water-resistant.

Because of this, the Apple’s old earbuds have been replaced with ear buds that connect via lightning port. Apple is doing this to move towards a completely cordless future, which is why they are introducing the cordless AirPods, which connect to the iPhones 7 via Bluetooth. The  AirPods, which cost 160 dollars, promise increased freedom of movement and sound quality.  Features include one-tap set up and a system that pauses when the pods aren’t in your ears. The Pods become available in late October. Cords that connect old headphones to the lightning port will also be released.

Apple’s past two quarters have seen a considerable decrease in revenue. According to the New York Times, Apple’s most recent quarter is down 15% from this time last year. Because the company is relying on customer satisfaction to allow them to make a bit of a comeback, it seems risky to make such a bold change at an important moment.

“I think it’s really stupid,” said junior Vanessa Castillo. “It’s pointless because you might lose [the AirPods].”

Despite general dissatisfaction, does this mean the iPhone will become obsolete? Probably not.  “We all really like iPhones,” said sophomore Nicole Campagna. “It’s going to be a bit weird while we’re getting used to [the Pods], but after a while we’re just going to be like ‘can you pass me the cord to use headphones?’”


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