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‘Tweak’ Evokes Self-Reflection


Tweak by Nic Sheff should definitely be number one on everyone’s summer reading list. This nonfiction story, written from memory by a former methamphetamine addict, is so good.

Nic is a rich white kid who gets everything he needs in life: he gets into his top college and lands a dream job, but none of this can fill the empty space he has from his parents’ neglect. He starts with weed; then it escalates to hard liquor, opiates, meth, and even crack. The book is about being a drug addict and having family issues.

If you read in between the lines, we all have the potential to become Nic – using the wrong things to fill voids, not understanding ourselves, not loving ourselves. This book will help you do some great soul searching to kick off the summer!


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