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Switching Schedules Becomes More Difficult



Students will have a hard time changing their schedules in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. A new scheduling system named Aspen, put in place by former Assistant Principal Marybeth Waits, gives counselors less control over the schedules. Counselors no longer have the power to override the system and put more students into classes that are already full.

According to Counselor Diana Blitz, the new initiative is part of Principal Kimberly Martin’s plan to allow counselors to focus more on their job during the first few weeks of school. In previous years, Blitz says the lines of students wanting to change schedules with their counselors was “out the door.” This year Martin is strictly sticking to a set of rules only allowing students to change schedules when a student has already passed the class, has failed the same class with the same teacher, has fewer than seven periods, or a senior needs a class to graduate. Although these rules existed under former Principal Pete Cahall, they were not as strictly enforced.