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College athletes deserve to be paid for their services

Many student athletes, particularly football and men’s basketball players, play college sports at significant risk to themselves and their professional futures. If these student athletes are injured, their careers could be over, and but they play their hardest and still aren’t paid for their services, an unfair deal which allows universities to generate huge profit

Student-Faculty Basketball Slideshow

The masses gathered in the main gym this past Thursday, April 9 to watch the annual student-faculty basketball game. The faculty took home another win with the final score being 64-56. Better luck next time students! PHOTOS BY: Luc Nikiema EDITED BY: Rochelle O’Brien, Photo Editor

Intramural Basketball Heats Up At Wilson

BY GREG KOPETSKY, WEB FEATURES EDITOR It’s a celebration of crossovers, showboating, and terrible shot selection. It’s March, ladies and gentlemen, and intramural basketball is in full swing at Wilson. This month, 9 teams entered the tournament to compete for the intramural trophy and the bragging rights that come with it. Like every year, games have been played every

DC’s New Attorney General Has Roots at Wilson

BY ISAAC FRUMKIN, STAFF WRITER As a child, Karl Racine, DC’s new Attorney General, played on basketball courts all over the city. Now he will have a role in overseeing a different kind of court. Racine is a former Wilson Tiger. He became the first elected Attorney General, or top lawyer, in DC’s history when

Tiger Madness 2014

On Friday, November 14, the varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen boys and girls basketball teams were introduced at the annual Tiger Madness event. The teams ran lay-up lines, did a few drills, and scrimmaged in front of eager basketball fans and parents. There were also half court shot competitions and various other activities which the fans could