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Alternatives to College for Graduating Seniors

BY RYAN WATTERS, CONTRIBUTER Especially for upperclassmen, it seems like everybody is caught up in college craziness. Perhaps those who just can’t get excited about attending a four-year college and are considering alternative higher education options are more hidden. A good jumping off point for a traditional four-year college more suitable for students without high GPAs

Ms.Bean Retires After 16 Years*

BY HELEN MALHOTRA, WEB NEWS EDITOR Sandy Bean, Wilson’s renowned college counselor, is retiring after 16 years of hard work. Next year, if Wilson’s reduced budget allows, Patrice Arrington will be stepping up to take over the College and Career Center. This has been a place for students to get help with the college process

New College and Career Counseling Program

BY LAUREN REVEAL, MANAGING EDITOR My teachers and counselors begin the college talk with students at the start of ninth grade. Seniors then spend months of energy bringing up grades and SAT scores, and writing dozens of essays so they can hopefully get into one of their top colleges. Wilson helps students decide which college

Blame Bad Journalism, Don’t Blame Jackie

BY THE BEACON EDITORIAL STAFF When you’re reading an intensely emotional story that seems to confirm all that you believe to be true, a story that seems to capture the essence of an issue almost too perfectly, alarm bells should start to go off. But too often, they don’t. Confirmation bias, the practice of believing

Navigating the College Application Process

LAUREN REVEAL, MANAGING EDITOR As senior year commences, so does the stress and preparation for college that surrounds it. Through applications, supplement essays, and of course, the daunting Common App, a lot is thrown at 16 and 17-year-olds as they head into the last year of high school. Everyone experiences the college application process in

College Pulls Apart Twin Sisters

BY KATE STOKES, CONTRIBUTOR Nothing is easy about the stressful and demanding college acceptance process. Along with the strenuous preparation, leaving family and friends for prolonged periods of time is a concern for many– but particularly those who have spent their lives together since day one. Seniors Maddy and Hannah Taub are preparing themselves for