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Japanese exchange students come to Wilson

BY EMMA JACOBSON, CONTRIBUTOR It would’ve been hard to miss the 103 Japanese exchange students that joined Wilson for one day on Tuesday, November 3. The students traveled 6771 miles from their high school, Kachi Mirai, in Saitama, Japan. The students previously spent a few days in Philadelphia before coming to DC. As soon as

Abroad At Wilson

BY NORA CHARLES, FEATURES EDITOR Twelve years ago, the trips abroad that Wilson offered looked strikingly different.  The options were few, mostly involving train rides through Europe and tours of sites booked through a pricy touring company. This changed in 2005 when an exchange student went home to Falconara, Italy and raved about Wilson to

Looking At Wilson Through Foreign Eyes

BY NORA CHARLES, JUNIOR EDITOR At track practice I noticed a new girl: tall, blonde, and smiling. My friend nudged me and whispered that she was from Switzerland. I walked over to her and she introduced herself as Clara Edmonds. She was here for only a couple weeks, but some things still jumped out at her. The