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That’s So Wilson (we wish): Our interpretation of Wilson’s new vision statement

Whenever Raven Baxter of Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” had one of her psychic visions, it was always without context, and came with little information regarding how or when that glimpse of the future would turn up in the present. Wilson’s new vision statement lacks context, just like Raven’s psychic insights. But unlike Raven’s visions,

Staff Editorial: Prior Review is Indirect Censorship

UPDATE: Sep 17, 2015— The Beacon is once again operating without prior review! We would like thank the 885 people who signed our petition on for their support. UPDATE: Aug 31, 2015 — As of 3 p.m.: Principal Martin is in the process of reconsidering her prior review policy. The editors are revisiting their editorial policies to instate a clearly outlined chain of

Staff Editorial on New Dress Code Policy

Is there such thing as a ‘perfect’ dress code policy? Georgetown Day School’s Bobby Asher says that in an ideal world, the dress code would be “a community conversation that involves significant output from kids.” Perhaps, then, the fault in Wilson’s dress code is that it is not a conversation. Students were angered by the