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Trump makes sweeping cuts to expand military budget

On February 23, President Donald Trump alerted the nation to his plan to drastically increase military spending by $54 billion, The $54 billion that would be allocated toward military spending is expected to be taken from parts of the government that Trump sees as less necessary or salient, especially government programs tied to the environment

Sammy M breaks down the presidential candidates: Marco Rubio

Ladies and Libertarians-sorry, Gentlemen- we’ve recently had a long winter break followed by a brief political hiatus from yours truly, and this hyperaware political columnist spent nearly every minute of it trying to find you the new inside scoop. By combing through countless ‘Drudge Report’ articles, tirelessly listening to every minute of each new Limbaugh

Wilson has in at the Washington Ideas Forum

BY NORA CHARLES, FEATURES EDITOR As soon as I stepped through the glass doors of Harman Hall downtown, I felt like a spy sneaking into a VIP party. Jelly beans sorted by color sat temptingly in glass jars for the taking in front of every entrance to the main theater. Journalists milled around in the