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School shooting survivors accused of being crisis actors

In the dark corners of the internet, student activists are being dubbed as willing participants in a game controlled by conniving liberals. Conspiracy theorists have accused survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to be crisis actors – actors paid to bring attention to crises like mass shootings. One trending YouTube video in particular

DCPS classrooms teach Thanksgiving on their own terms

As the leaves change colors with the beginning of the fall season, excitement about the winter holidays sets in. Whether it be through eating turkeys and pies, watching a parade, or simply reflecting on what they’re thankful for, Thanksgiving is celebrated every year by almost every American. Many elementary school classrooms use the holiday to

Student Experiences with Police

BY CAROLINA BAYON, JUNIOR EDITOR In light of the recent conflicts between police and young black men in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, The Beacon decided to interview Wilson students to find out what their experiences were like with the DC police.   “The cops searched my bag and physically assaulted me and my friends

100-Word Rants

COMPILED BY ZACH ESSIG, NEWS EDITOR Sometimes, you’ve just got to let off some steam. Four Wilson kids did just that, ranting about whatever is is that grinds their gears—in 100 words or less. Sarah Burch, 10, on people joaning on vegans: So the only time you talk to me is when you copy my history

Student-Faculty Basketball Slideshow

The masses gathered in the main gym this past Thursday, April 9 to watch the annual student-faculty basketball game. The faculty took home another win with the final score being 64-56. Better luck next time students! PHOTOS BY: Luc Nikiema EDITED BY: Rochelle O’Brien, Photo Editor

Eight-Period Plan Announced for 2016-2017 School Year

BY ELLIE MELICK, STYLE EDITOR Interim Principal Gregory Bargeman announced on Monday that the 2016-2017 school year’s schedule plan will consist of eight periods in total, one period more than the current seven. In an email to the Wilson staff, Bargeman cited “more opportunities for students to recover failed courses” and “double periods in English and

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