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DCPS classrooms teach Thanksgiving on their own terms

As the leaves change colors with the beginning of the fall season, excitement about the winter holidays sets in. Whether it be through eating turkeys and pies, watching a parade, or simply reflecting on what they’re thankful for, Thanksgiving is celebrated every year by almost every American. Many elementary school classrooms use the holiday to

DCPS teachers stage protest over contracts

Dozens of DCPS teachers braved the rainy weather on the morning of May 5 to demand a new and re-negotiated contract with the school system. The crowd’s chants dominated the typically quiet ambiance of Tenleytown, demanding attention from all passerby. Their protest was directed towards the Chancellor of DC Public Schools Kaya Henderson, due to

Eight-Period Plan Announced for 2016-2017 School Year

BY ELLIE MELICK, STYLE EDITOR Interim Principal Gregory Bargeman announced on Monday that the 2016-2017 school year’s schedule plan will consist of eight periods in total, one period more than the current seven. In an email to the Wilson staff, Bargeman cited “more opportunities for students to recover failed courses” and “double periods in English and

Student Dissatisfaction Disregarded in Teacher Evaluations

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR *This article appeared in the February edition of our print issue Anticipation quickly turns to disappointment and frustration when a student gets their new school schedule in late summer and sees the name they’ve been dreading: that terrible teacher cursed by so many of their friends. The only glimmer of

DCPS’ Internet Blocks Obstruct Learning

BY ERIN STERNLIEB, WEB CHIEF EDITOR Since winter break DCPS has increased its Internet restrictions for both students and teachers. Any sites with streaming, including sites like WAMU and PBS, are impossible to access. Blocking the Internet is not only a hindrance to teachers, but it reveals a larger problem with communication in DCPS, and

Teachers Turn To New Websites

BY MATTHEW SMEE, SPORTS WEB EDITOR There’s no doubt that the concept of the online gradebook is great. It can be argued that it is one of the best things to ever happen to students. A sign of the times, an online gradebook embodies the advances of our current society, in which everything is more