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Tenacious Tigers Take Over


Since last year the student section of various Wilson sporting events has experienced a revamp: screaming sports fans dressed all in one color and decked out in school paraphernalia. They are the Tenacious Tigers. In the 2013-2014 school year, class of ‘14 graduate Michael Knapp created the Tenacious Tigers, a student fan group for Wilson athletics. This year, seniors Charlie Feller, Martin Sakansong, and Henry Shuldiner have taken the reigns.

Most often seen at basketball games, the Tenacious Tigers dress all in the same color. According to Feller, their goal is “to make sporting events more fun for everybody.” The super-fans wear all green or all black so that club heads can tell who they are on the way in. Sometimes they spice things up and wear Hawaiian shirts. Members who dress are given wrist bands at the start of those games, so that they can get in for free. Feller, Sakansong, and Shuldiner’s job is to talk to the coaches before the games to see how many free spots they can have.

“We organize what games are free and who can go,” said Feller.

Last year the club was centered around boys varsity basketball. This year, however, the club has expanded through use of a Facebook group. The group used to advertise Tenacious Tigers events, but now athletes from all of the sports teams post when and where their important games are. Sports schedules can be found on the page, as well as posts about what to wear to the specific events.

The Tenacious Tigers also plan to host events at lacrosse and baseball games, where they will do their best to pump up the fans in support of Wilson’s teams.

Anybody can join the Tenacious Tigers Facebook group, “Tenacious Tigers 2014-2015.” Or, for the more outgoing, Feller suggests you “Hit [him] up!” And for a rowdy group whose one goal is to hype up student fans, the outgoing are definitely welcome.


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