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The Wait Is Over — “Blonde” Is Here

Over the past four years, the concept of a second Frank Ocean album has become increasingly absurd. Empty promises left many confused, “Lost”, lost in the thrill of it all. The R&B hero’s seemingly sadistic reclusion from those who loved him most left many questioning their faith in him — like a false prophet of some sort of “Bad Religion”. But now, in what is likely the most anticipated album release of our lifetime thus far, Frank Ocean has delivered his fans 17 absolute BANGERS, showcasing his trademark, deceptively powerful croon.

Early stand-outs from “Blonde” include the chipmunk soul-esque single “Nikes” and the anthemic “Nights”, but the entire album warrants multiple listens.

While we were lamenting Ocean’s perceived selfish lethargy, he was clearly hard at work, boldly entering uncharted territories creatively and doing his best to create work that is both thought-provoking and appealing for the general populace. Frank was never dead. He was working these agonizing four years, with the tenacity and focus of a “Monk”(s), to create another absolute masterpiece. “Blonde” was constructed better than the “Pyramids” were, and will leave fans running like “Forrest Gump” for more.

Though it is currently unavailable for streaming without an Apple Music subscription, listeners hope it will be available to buy soon, or at east stream for all of us not-so-“Super Rich Kids.” For most of us, it’s “Not Just Money.” We want to be able to enjoy the “Sweet Life” of victory, the moment we have been waiting for.

For those of you who worried that Ocean didn’t care about his fans, the release of “Blonde” shows that he never stopped “Thinkin Bout You.” Hopefully, “Blonde” will serve as the “Fertilizer” for his future music career, and we won’t have to wait as long for his next album.



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