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Tiger Cubs: Lafayette Elementary schoolers share perspective on Wilson

High School Musical. The Duff. Mean Girls. Each of these films teach children that high school is a place of cliques, bullies, mean girls, stereotypes, and of course, the status quo. But in reality the overwhelming, intimidating place known as high school, is much different. The Beacon is starting a column to interview students from elementary schools in the area and ask them questions about their ideas about high school. This month’s students are from Lafayette Elementary School.

Maddie: An enthusiastic and adventurous fifth-grade girl with a passion for soccer. Maddie’s older sister goes to Wilson, so she had a lot to say.

Fiona: A blue haired, fifth-grader, older sister, Fiona is a self described “student-athlete” with a love for math and learning.

Elias: An energetic third grader, Fiona’s younger brother also has a secret quiet side. His answers were very brief, but were filled with wisdom.  

Delia: A skiing, soccer-loving, Minecraft-playing, slime-making fifth grader, Delia is the youngest in her household. She currently has an older brother attending Wilson.


Question one: How do you picture the social scene at Wilson?

M: “I don’t think it’s like on TV when everyone just starts singing in the hallways and stuff like that.”

F: “Like in High School Musical everybody has different groups…Probably on like what they want to do. The sportsy kids will go somewhere and then like music or something… I don’t know.”

E: “Sometimes there’s boys and girl [groups], maybe, maybe not. Sometimes boys are separate, you know, that’s what happens at this school.”

D: “Mean girls.”

Question two: Do you think it will be hard to adjust to the different schedule?

M: “It will be different because some teachers won’t be as nice as others… I also think there should be more time to transition.”

F:  “It will be fun to have different teachers… I don’t really like mine now. I don’t like sitting for that long so having long classes may be tough.”

E: “I won’t like having each class so long! It’s weird to have so many teachers also.”

D: “It will be normal to move around between classes because I do that now because we team teach. But it will be weird to move around so much.”

Question three: What classes and extracurricular activities are you looking forward to at Wilson?

M: “I’m interested in inventing and I guess art…I wanna play soccer.”

F: “Soccer. Do they have track and field? Cross country, hockey, and maybe field hockey. Oh, and probably like math team or math club.”

E: “I like technology…SciMaTech sounds cool and fun.”

D: “I don’t know, but I want to play soccer.”

Question four: Are you excited to use your future phones in school?

M: “Yes I am, I won’t cheat using it but I just think I could be more social… I don’t know.”

F: “Yes because I can look up the answers to the questions and um well I wouldn’t say to play on my phone but like, to help with hard questions.”

E: “I don’t know because I don’t have one yet but I do play on the computer and the Nintendo and the WiiU and my iPad. Wait do you get to use them all the time?”

D: “Yes, if I’m allowed to because maybe it will help me.”

Overall, most of the interviewees seemed excited but still nervous for the great unknown of high school.

Answers to these questions were condensed for clarity.