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What’s up after Wilson: an update on former assistant principals Bowser and Haith

“I had an amazing time as a teacher and administrator at Wilson,” Tennille Bowser said. After 11 and 13 years as administrators along with other roles at Wilson, respectively, Bowser and William Haith only had good things to say about their time as Tigers.

Haith made a significant impact on the Wilson community through his 13 years working as an assistant principal. He oversaw the math department, the ninth grade class, and discipline. He also served as the school’s football coach.

Haith left Wilson to become a Mary Jane Patterson (MJP) Fellow and Resident Principal at Kelly Miller Middle School in northeast DC. The MJP Fellowship is a program named after the first African American principal in DCPS, designed for aspiring principals who have the ability to become skilled instructional leaders in the educational system.

Though Haith is finding great success as an MJP Fellow, he still feels a strong connection to the Wilson community. “I miss the amazing student body with its diversity,” he said. “I miss the connections that were developed over the years with the entire Wilson community.”

Bowser is finding similar success as an assistant principal at Landstown Middle School in Virginia Beach. After serving as an administrator and teacher at Wilson for 11 years, she was ready to begin a new adventure. “I left Wilson and DCPS because I wanted to be closer to family and I also wanted a new challenge and experience,” she said.

Even though she has moved on, Bowser remains impressed by Wilson and thankful for having the opportunity to work in such an amazing environment. “The students and staff really reflect what’s best in education – dedicated teachers, bright, creative, social-justice minded students, and an active supportive parent community,” she said.

Bowser encourages Wilson students to use their unique and diverse high school experience to continue being social justice advocates even after graduating. She said, “We need our future leaders to see multiple perspectives as they lead. Wilson is the first mark on your journey that will prepare you to be the kind of leaders we desperately need in this country and world.” •