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Wilson Evacuated after Chemical Spill at the Pool

Photo by Nico Artiga-Oliver

Shortly after 2nd period got underway this morning, Principal Pete Cahall made an announcement on the public address system informing teachers and students of a chemical spill that had taken place in the Wilson Aquatic Center. Many fire and emergency vehicles arrived at the pool to help contain the spill and assure the safety of people in the area.

According to reports by News4’s Mark Segraves, a worker in the pool caused an acid line to break shortly before 9 a.m. Between 20 and 30 gallons of muriatic acid were leaked into the pool’s service room, according to Segraves. The worker responsible for the spill and a D.C. firefighter were rushed to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Wilson students were moved to Fort Reno during the evacuation. After waiting outside for around 45 minutes, students rejoiced when they learned they were dismissed from school for the day.

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