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Wilson honors Black history with full month of festivities

Black History Month is an annual celebration that occurs in February. We take this month to recognize the accomplishments and contributions in U.S. history made by African Americans. Every year a specific theme is given, and this year’s theme is, “African Americans in Time of War,” which praises African Americans involved in any wars from the American Revolution to present day.

At Wilson, we hold events to honor and praise Black culture and achievements. Assistant Principal Gregory Bargeman is one member of a team that organized a series of events as a part of Wilson’s festivities.  He put together activities he thought were engaging, and informative, alongside many others including Choir Teacher Lori Williams and Dean Ward.

Events open to everyone, there are sign-up sheets, but mostly, all you have to do is show up. This year they have all different types of activities instead of one big celebration, there’s multiple ones for specific departments of Black American success and achievements. They have an open mic, line dancing, an opportunity to try food from Black American culture, a show put on by Williams, and music unique to African American culture performed by bands. For the entire month of february, the morning announcements will features different selections of Bblack poetry, music, art, and science. Each week, the theme of the announcements change. Bargeman also wishes students who come will take an appreciation for African American culture with them.

“Black History Month is an opportunity for everyone to remember the contributions of the African Americans in this country, the only group of people who didn’t come here willingly, which forced them to create a culture unique to them, but through their struggle and suffering they created music, scientists, artists, historians, which essentially transformed America,” said Bargeman. •