Wilson football ends season with controversial loss

Noam Jacobovitz

Last weekend, the Wilson Tigers played their last DCIAA game of the season, losing 35-29 to a good Ballou team. Wilson ends their season at 6-5, but the loss to Ballou does not come without controversy.

On Thursday, November 16th, WJLA (ABC) posted an article that ABC 7 News had received records that show that ten Ballou High School Football players allegedly played football on days in which they had unexcused absences from class, a violation of DCPS rules. WJLA says the records, “show a varying number of players absent on the same day while playing against McKinley Tech, Eastern, Dunbar and Cardozo.” This discovery has triggered a DCPS investigation into Ballou’s football team.

All Ballou players who played against Wilson were rightfully playing since the game was on a Saturday. But, if this DCPS investigation finds the allegations to be true, there will be much discussion of how to place repercussions on the Ballou program. If players did play on days they were not allowed to, then Ballou’s record could be illegitimate, making Wilson football a victim. It does have to be said that on Saturday, Ballou did win fair and square, placing themselves in a Turkey Bowl surrounded by much controversy, as their opponents, HD Woodson, have 18 players currently suspended from the game after a brawl in their semifinal against Eastern.

DCPS Spokesperson Janae Hinson told WJLA, “the DCPS investigation of Ballou students is around the general DCPS attendance policy for participating in athletics.”