Indoor Track competes in national competition

Ethan Leifman

On March 9th, Wilson seniors Jacob Boss, Dominick Hogans, Isaac Frumkin, and sophomore Raymond Stevens ran in the sprint medley relay (SMR) at the New Balance Indoor Nationals in New York. The team was “Emerging Elite”, with Coach Tia Clemmons saying it was more of a “learning experience that they qualified and competed in a national tournament”. SMR is a four-person event in which the athletes compete sprinting as part of a relay race. In contrast to most track relays, each athlete sprints a different distance. Stevens and Boss ran the 200m, Hogans ran the 400m, and Frumkin ran the 800m. Notably, it is rare for the SMR to be included in large-scale championship event such as the New Balance Nationals. However, there were over 88 events in the competition, in which 3500+ athletes from over across the U.S. and Canada competed. For the seniors, the qualifying for the event was seen as an impressive final accomplishment after a somewhat disappointing DCSAA loss in February. Stevens looks forward to two more seasons with Wilson.