Senior Matthew Harris hones his video editing skills


Madelyn Shapiro

At age 12, Wilson senior Matthew Harris began editing videos on iMovie. Now, Harris, along with fellow senior Manny Scherif, films and edits Wilson basketball games to create highlight videos. In addition to taping the games, Harris said, “we record in the locker rooms, before and after the game to collect footage.”

The videos are uploaded to On A String Media, a YouTube channel created by varsity basketball assistant coach and junior varsity basketball head coach Tee Johnson. Johnson gives some input on Harris’ videos, such as when to add or take things out.

Scherif mostly films during the game, and Harris films before and after the game. Harris then edits the videos using the editing program Final Cut Pro, a process that usually takes two to three hours depending on his focus level and the length of the video.

On A String Media currently features four videos of the Wilson basketball team, which vary in length from under two minutes to 14 minutes. The videos feature game highlights, pre-game locker room talks and warmups, and an interview with head coach Angelo Hernandez. The videos have gotten a total of over 1200 views on Youtube.

Just like the cameramen who film professional basketball, Harris gets several perks from recording the games. “I get all access at the games such as floor seats, and I got the opportunity to go to Las Vegas with the team,” said Harris. He described his time in Vegas as the most fun to film, and said that it was an all around “good time.”

Besides filming for the Wilson team, Harris has his own Youtube channel “MattGotEm.” He shares his videos, such as reaction videos and NBA 2K tips, to his over 21,000 subscribers. In the future, Harris hopes to continue making videos as opportunities come up.

To check out the On A String Media channel, visit and MattGotEm at