Ms. Harvey’s plans for art at Wilson

Anna Arnsberger

From owning a visual and performing arts studio to publishing a coloring book, everything in Ms. Harvey’s life is centered around art. Though she was fairly new to the art department at Wilson, Harvey had plenty of ideas on how to broaden students’ artistic opportunities.

A Wilson alum, Harvey filled in as a sub this year from October to March to teach Ceramics 1 and 2, along with Sculpture and AP Studio Art. Growing up as a dancer and violinist, Harvey always had an aptitude for creativity. Though initially receiving a full ride to the University of Maryland for engineering, she quickly changed her mind to pursue a field she was more interested in. “I was good at engineering… but I didn’t necessarily have a passion for it,” Harvey explained. She instead had a passion for art, and took that passion to delve into the world of art education.

Since receiving her master’s degree in education, Harvey has taught for over 15 years, working in Philadelphia, Maryland, and New Jersey school districts before finally joining DCPS in 2009. Previously serving as a summer school teacher here, this was Harvey’s first full time working at Wilson, and she had so far enjoyed her experience. “I love being here, I think the students are great,” said Harvey.

Harvey strived to expand student engagement with art both in and out of the Wilson community. “I would like to be aware…of the students’ involvement of other art organizations or activities that go on outside of this school, and anything that’s inside this school” Harvey said. Harvey faced frustration as she was never informed of any art-related connections students had with the greater Wilson community. She believed that students should have more opportunities to create projects for the school and work together with other art organizations in DC.

Harvey also had plans to collaborate with other departments in order to host exhibitions that celebrate the fine arts at Wilson. “I know every department has their separate entity and production that goes on, but it would be nice if we could all come together and do a collaborative piece,” she explained. Harvey aimed for this production to be a place where students would display poetry, drama, music, and dance, along with visual art. She wished that such an event could bring in stakeholders and allow students to sell their work, explaining that, “say they have a jewelry business, they can sell their jewelry, or a clothing line, they can sell it during that time…And then afterwards, have a live auction of artwork.”

Ms. Harvey’s time at Wilson may have been short, but she had many plans to establish a greater presence of art in the building. Such plans can still be put in place in order to enrich the artistic experiences students receive. And outside of school, be sure to keep an eye out for her coloring book, “Sketch Color Cut!” •