Offseason possibilities generate questions for Wizards’ organization

Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Aaron Rosenthal

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Over the last three seasons, the Wizards have been trapped in a cycle of mediocrity. While their regular season records have been respectable, they are yet to make any real noise in the playoffs.
The roster is currently centered around two all-star guards, John Wall and Bradley Beal. However, in order to be a championship contender in today’s NBA, three superstars are necessary. Last summer, nothing came of the Paul George-to-DC rumors. If the Wizards are looking to win a title during John Wall’s prime, this summer is the time for them to pick up another big name.
Unfortunately, because the organization is in the luxury tax, the front office won’t have a lot of money to spend. Although the roster has a number of valuable pieces that could be used to acquire a star such as Kawhi Leonard or Andre Drummond, who are both supposedly on the market this summer.
Two young Wizards who could be on the move if Ernie Grunfeld decides to make a splash are Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre. Both small forwards are 22 years old and coming off career scoring years. Porter averaged 14.7 points per game while Oubre averaged 11.8. With seemingly bright futures, these two could garner a good amount of interest from teams looking to deal some high-profile guys during this offseason.
The organization is currently in a dangerous position where it doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose. They have a talented roster, but not talented enough to make a deep playoff run. The front office can either decide to take a risk on another superstar or remain stuck in a frustrating middle ground where the primes of John Wall and Bradley Beal will go to waste.