Women’s History class added to Wilson


The National Women's History Project

Max Karp

Wilson will be adding a new Women’s History class for the 2018-2019 school year. Women’s History will be a semester-long course touching on a wide range of topics concerning the role of females in history, as well as contemporary issues regarding gender and women in society.

Wilson Social Studies teacher Michele Bollinger was responsible for establishing the class at Wilson and will teach the course next year.

“It’s a good time to expand what we offer,” said Bollinger, adding that, given the recent discussion surrounding feminism in light of the #MeToo movement, it’s important to inform and educate high school students about women’s history. “It sort of equips students to navigate that debate, raise their issues and concerns, and hopefully help figure out their position on these issues,” she added.

The curriculum will be modeled after the recently-added African-American Studies course at Wilson. Bollinger, who will have influence in creating the layout for the course, says that she thinks it will fit in nicely given other social studies courses already at Wilson. “I really like the African-American Studies course, and I thought that [Women’s History] would be a nice complement,” Bollinger said.

The course will be the only new elective offered to students next year and is open to all who are interested.