Sheridan School reopens downgraded park for weekends

Photo courtesy of Ethan Leifman

Ethan Leifman

Located at  36th Street in NW DC is the Sheridan School, a local private school that has a park that I frequent. They renovated their park over the school year and it recently opened to the public on the weekends. Though individual components of the park have improved, overall, it has become more little-kid friendly. In other words, less fun.

Soccer field: The soccer field is a big improvement! It slants less and the turf is much better.  5/10—>10/10

Swings: The swings are pretty much the same, but now there’s no rust. 4/10—>8/10

Spider web: The spider web used to be this huge rope structure that was really fun to climb on, however it’s now super tiny. 10/10—>5/10

Playground: Not that I actually went on it much, but in my opinion the playground is cooler because it’s on the hill. Unfortunately, they took away the zipline to build it. 7/10—>4/10

Basketball courts: The basketball courts are also improved in quality and they took away the moveable hoop. 5/10—>9/10

Foursquare courts: They moved the courts to put in some super tall metal canopy thing. I don’t understand what it’s for and it’s really weird looking. 6/10—>5/10

Donut spin: The donut spin was cool but now it’s a more fun looking Gaga pit.  7/10—>9/10

The hill: The mulch hills on the side of Sheridan used to be the move for urban mountain biking. Now they’ve been replaced by the playground. 10/10—>0/10

Murals: Sheridan used to have some murals created by various classes, but now the Martin Luther King Jr. one is gone and it’s ugly. 8/10—>2/10

Previous score: 7/10

Current score: 6/10