Truckeroo Festival: overpriced and mediocre

Margot Durfee

If you’ve been to a Nationals game, you’ve likely tried the food at Nats Park—it’s typical, run-of-the-mill, stadium food. Truckeroo, a monthly food festival hosted near the stadium, boasts food trucks from all over the DC area from April through October.

In addition to the numerous eating options, the festival provides live music and games for post-baseball or a weekend activities. Admission is free, so I decided to go to the the festival one Friday afternoon. Located inside The Bullpen, a medium-sized outdoor clearing surrounded by large shipping crates, it was a very lively scene. People laughed with friends, a rock band played on stage, and a large Jenga set continuously toppled to the ground.

The food trucks housed a variety of cuisines including a lobster pound, American barbecue, and Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken. I immediately gravitated to the Korean BBQ Taco Box truck and ordered a Beef Bulgogi Box that included three tacos, a small salad, and a piece of spicy fried chicken. The beef bulgogi was nice and flavorful, and its salty marinade complemented the sweet corn well. But I wish there was more filling in the taco because after a few bites, all I got was plain tortilla. I think the spicy fried chicken was the star of the show, with the tender, sweet chicken underneath a spicy, crispy coating. The whole box cost $8.99, which I personally thought was a little pricey because of the small serving size. If I went again, I would want to try their Korean fried chicken rice box.

Of course, you can’t forget about dessert! Multiple food trucks offered dessert options, but there were two trucks devoted solely to the sweet tooth: An ice cream truck called Orange Cow, and another truck called Crepe Love. I went to the Orange Cow and ordered coffee-oreo ice cream, which they handed me in a clear plastic container that looked like it had been sitting in the freezer for quite a while. The ice cream itself tasted mediocre and didn’t have any qualities unique to the ice cream truck. If I’d known I’d get uninteresting ice cream, I would’ve tried the crepe truck instead.

From my experience, the best time to go to Truckeroo would be in the late afternoon or night, since during summer it can get extremely hot during the day. There is a second level on top of the crates that have stand-up tables, encouraging people to socialize and watch the music performances, but there are no seats or normal tables. But, if it’s so hot you can barely breathe (even with the ice cream) and you have a taco in one hand, eating can be a challenge. I ended up finding a corner (still in the sun) and sitting on the ground because I kept dropping food all over the floor.

Overall, I would recommend Truckeroo if you happen to be nearby and want to grab something to eat and socialize, but if it’s a sweltering day and you want food more worth your time and money, don’t bother.