Meet your Student Body President: Leo Saunders


Elie Salem

Leo Saunders, well-known Fortnite god and unknown Bahamian, is the President of our student body. He will be the one in shouting matches with administration urging them to buy paint for the bleachers. He will be the one in ferocious fist-fights with Mr. Bargeman in attempts to turn Despacito off. In short, Saunders is a powerful student. Let’s get to know him, shall we?

Unbeknownst to most at the school, Saunders holds dual Bahamian-American citizenship, and boasts a beach in the Bahamas named after his great-great grandfather. “I get cool discounts at Atlantis sometimes,” Saunders explains. “The beaches are clean and the water is super clear, it really is beautiful.”

While Saunders adores his lowly student subjects, if he could get an all-expenses paid vacation, he would quickly abandon us for Japan. Watching anime, which he describes as “another world” is among his favorite pastimes, and he is in the process of trying to create an Anime Club at the school.

When he ran, Saunders was an underdog junior with no previous role in government. Saunders concedes that he wasn’t sure that he had the election in the bag, but wasn’t surprised by his electoral upset. “I know a wide variety of people. I know people from all over the cafeteria, I know people from 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade. And so that’s why I think I won.”

Better communication between students and their governments is Saunders’ main goal.  “I just want to have anybody who comes in, I want to make sure they know of the student government,” said Saunders. “I want to make sure everyone knows what we’re doing. I want to get what we’re doing out. And make sure people come in and give us their voice. That’s what I feel the student body should do.”

While SGA is still trying to find its voice, Saunders’ fortnite prowess speaks for itself. He boasts a legendary 217 wins, an incredible quarter of which are solo.