Nadira Ricks takes new position as Athletic and Title IX Coordinator


Eliana Rosenthal

Wilson alum Nadira Ricks has always been passionate about making the Wilson sports community stronger. When she attended Wilson as a student, Ricks played basketball, volleyball, and softball, and ran track for two years. When she graduated in 1990, she earned a full scholarship to Georgetown University, which she attended before eventually coming back to work at Wilson.
After serving as a dean of students for four years, Ricks is returning to her athletic roots. She will be Wilson’s athletic coordinator, working alongside Athletic Director Mitch Gore.
“I have been wanting to help out with the athletic department for years now, so it’s very exciting to be able to have this position,” said Ricks.
One of Ricks’ main goals is to improve communication between her and the sports teams. “I want all athletes and coaches to know that I am here to help them out in any way they need. If there’s a problem with a team’s schedule, if they need more equipment, or if a coach needs more support, they are always welcome to contact me.” said Ricks.
It’s no secret that some Wilson teams often struggle with resource allocations. As the Title IX coordinator, Ricks says she wants to help all Wilson teams feel a sense of equality. “I never want anyone to feel like one sports team is getting treated better than another. All Wilson athletics are important, and I want every sport to be respected” she said.
She also plans to finalize arrangements to have a Wilson hall of fame. “This would not only be for student-athletes. It could be for teams as a whole, coaches, and other contributors,” Ricks explained.
“We have some great coaches that should get recognition for the work that they do,” Ricks added. She hopes the award ceremonies after each sports season will attract not only student-athletes, but will be a draw for other students who want to celebrate the school’s success.
Ricks also hopes to see more students and parents attend games out on the field, because that’s where the Wilson community can get to know her. “I am going to try and make it to as many games as I can,” she said.