AOTM: Bella Lujan

Noah Gross

The Wilson girls soccer team is off to a tremendous start with an 8-2 record. This success is largely due to their brick wall of a goalkeeper, senior Bella “The Tank” Lujan, who has let in an average of just .9 goals per game.
As goalie, Lujan is not only responsible for diving saves and 50-yard punts, but also makes sure the team is playing as a coherent unit. “My main role is to communicate because I can see the whole field when they can only see part of it at a time,” Lujan explained.
Additionally, Lujan serves as a captain so her responsibilities off the field are just as important as her duties on it. Her teammate, junior defender Erin Hollar, raved about Lujan’s leadership abilities. “There isn’t anyone who isn’t comfortable talking to Bella. She’s so positive and motivates us to play hard.” During games, “she’s always there to back us up anytime we mess up.” Hollar said.
If you want to catch the Tigers in action and witness Lujan’s incredible skills for yourself, come out to their game on October 12 at 3:15 p.m. at Washington International School.