Wilson expands Honors For All program to 10th grade

Hannah Bocian

The ninth-grade Honors For All initiative was expanded to 10th grade this school year. All students in their sophomore year take pre-AP English and science, as well as Honors Geometry if necessary, even if they didn’t receive an “A” or “B” in the appropriate course the previous year.

The 10th-grade expansion is nearly identical to the ninth-grade Honors For All initiative that started last year in the freshman class, as the english and science courses are only offered at an advanced level.

“[Honors for All is] not terribly different [from ninth grade] except that it is a partnership with College Board, when last year we were doing it by ourselves,” Principal Martin said.

“It will prepare students for higher-level concepts,” math teacher Patricia Milikin said. English teacher Joseph Welch also applauded the program. “It exposes students to a wider variety of backgrounds, study habits, and personalities.”

Teachers stressed that while all students can take the class, the curriculum is still honors-level. “I’m teaching Honors for All exactly the same way that I taught my Honors Chemistry last year,” chemistry teacher William Gomaa said. English teacher Jake Williams agreed, “I know personally that I am teaching it like an honors course because it is an honors course.”

Sophomore Sydney Collela, who is currently in her second year of Honors for All, noted that, “it feels like the same level as the other honors classes I took.”

Principal Martin stated that significant measures have been taken to ensure students do not fall behind. “Teachers spend the summer working on modifying lessons to help students who learn at different paces,” she said. “There are student support classes for those who need them,” Milikin added. “We have math centers open for tutoring and we give them resources and strategies to use.”