Georgetown GLOW lights up the night


Photo courtesy of Hope Moshi

Erin Harper and Hope Moshi

Art may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but imagine being surrounded by LED lights arranged in such a pattern that you are unable to take your eyes away; you are so mesmerized by its beauty. Though the area around the display may be full of spectators, it feels as if it’s just you and the art. That’s the exact ambiance that Georgetown GLOW provides to its viewers with every piece of artwork.

Georgetown GLOW is an annual art installation set throughout this historic neighborhood in Northwest DC. Held from December 1 to January 6, the free exhibit will be the fifth edition of the event. This year it includes 11 artists, each installing their own unique piece that brings light to the darkness of the night.

Although Georgetown GLOW is one event, the artwork is placed all throughout the neighborhood, meaning that you have to walk or drive to most of the pieces. Georgetown GLOW features artists from Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Canada, New York City, and right here in DC, showcasing unique perspectives of the world through creative mediums. From statues of rainbow stick figures to sentimental messages and an antique bookstore, the only thing these artworks have in common is that their pieces must illuminate. It sure is an inviting feeling to drive through hectic Georgetown and see each piece of art shine through the darkness.

Georgetown GLOW features several interactive pieces; one of our personal favorites was “Social Sparkles” created by the Dutch group, Toer. Located on the corner of 34th and M Street, their piece is kinetic, meaning that as you walk under the art, it seemingly comes to life, activating and illuminating with each step. We love how Toer has managed to create a lively interaction between the participants, light, and movement.

Another piece we loved was “Entre Les Rangs,” an immersive piece by Kanva, a Montreal-based architectural company. While not originally on our list of artworks to visit, we were immediately entranced by its vibrant colors. “Entre Les Rangs” is a large field located on Georgetown’s Park Plaza, in which visitors can stroll through a mass of illuminated crystal orbs that move with the wind. So if the weather is windy, the orbs will blow around to make it feel as though you truly are walking through a winter field.

If you haven’t been to Georgetown GLOW, we highly recommend that you attend. Seeing all the artwork immerses you in a new world of creativity. Each work of art shows who the artists are, yet leaves the spectator wanting more. There is so much art for people to see, and you can bet that we will be back before the event ends.