“Almost, Maine” comes to the Wilson black box

Anna Gustafson

The Wilson theater will be showcasing John Cariani’s play, “Almost, Maine” on December 13, 14, and 15 in the black box. The play takes place in the town Almost, Maine, and bears nine different vignettes centered around the barriers and struggles that accompany love.

With a total of nineteen cast members, the actors and actresses only had four weeks to prepare for the show. The assistant director, senior Addie Alexander, explained that, “there are a lot of things that go into putting on a show this magnitude,” made very difficult by the one-month time limit. Most of the actors said they felt confident in their roles despite a little stage fright. But hey, who doesn’t get nervous now and then?

Each actor in the show is in one vignette, allowing them to “get a lot of one-on-one time with the director,” according to sophomore Virginia Suardi. As well as improving acting skills, junior Sellano explained that he personally enjoys the small cast because it is “more close-knit, … more interactive, and [easier] getting to know each other.”

The play is unique because the vignettes all take place on the same night in the small town of Almost. They differentiate between the hardships of losing love to the happiness of finding love. “I think the audience will leave feeling relieved and happy,” Alexander said. The cast and crew feel ready, and are looking forward to wowing the crowds!