Where in Tenley should you go to study?


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Zara Hall and Ella Pearlman-Chang

As unfortunate as it is, there’s no denying it: testing season is upon us. From midterms starting this week to the in-school SAT in March and AP exams in May, there is some form of testing occuring every month until June. If you have trouble studying and doing homework at home, never fear—you have these hidden (and not so hidden) gems in and around Tenley to haul your textbooks to:

For group studying: AU Law School

If you have a group, and prefer a place where you can talk loudly, the American University Law School, located only a five minute walk from Wilson, is perfect. Though the school has a library that is also great for studying, we personally prefer “The Commons,” a large space inside of the school’s Warren building. This space, renovated in 2016, is complete with everything you need to study or do homework: spacious tables, couches, outlets, free wifi, vending machines, water fountains. The only con is that as much as we’d like to come here every day, it’s not open to the public on Sundays.

For studying independently or with a friend: Politics and Prose

Enjoy scrumptious sandwiches and soup and like to snack while studying? Is your ideal study break browsing books? Only a half a mile down Nebraska from Wilson, the Politics and Prose bookstore recently renovated their downstairs eating area, and it’s one of our favorite places to study. Make sure you bring your headphones though, because it can get a little loud. And just a heads up: there is no wifi on the weekends.

For the coffee lover: Bourbon Coffee

Though it does not have much seating, Bourbon Coffee, nestled just down Wisconsin across from Cava, is perfect for those who cannot study without a latte in hand. With nice coffee, baked goods, free wifi, and soft music, studying and doing homework at Bourbon Coffee will make completing your history notes a little more pleasant.

For those seeking quiet: AU main campus library

This option may be less enjoyable than heading to a coffee shop, but if it’s 3 p.m. on Sunday and you have an essay due on Monday, there is no place better than the American University library. The library has four floors, so it is not hard to find a space for yourself, and each floor has a different noise level, ranging from moderate (but still quiet) to silent. If you need perfect silence, head to the second level, where even whispering is prohibited. Though studying around college students may seem stressful, the palpable atmosphere is great for productivity, especially before AP exams, which coincide with AU finals week.