Why must we ruin winter break by putting midterms on the other end

Photo courtesy of ShareFaith

Photo courtesy of ShareFaith

Julia Weinrod

When you got back from winter break, did you feel like you forgot everything that you had learned in the last semester? And did you get a sinking feeling when you realized you would have to remember it by midterms in two weeks? Colleges have midterms before winter break, so why don’t we? Midterms should be before winter break, when students are still in their school mindsets and material is still fresh on their minds.

Science teacher Jonte Lee, says that it is meant to give students more time to study, but honestly, no one wants to study over winter break, especially now that it’s five days shorter. Sure, we can read study guides or textbooks, but over the break some teachers are not available to answer questions or provide extra help. Many travel, sleep in, play video games, and hang out with their friends instead of doing the studying that they are “supposed” to do. Kids want to take advantage of their limited days off.  Winter break is supposed to be a break, and students treat it as such.

Many students will travel and don’t take their study materials. Additionally, lots will have family come to town and stay with them. No one wants to be the kid sitting in their room studying while they could be hanging out with the cousins they see once a year.

The week and a half off is a much needed break for some. In addition to simply being time off, this is also a holiday period where some students go to churches or temples to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or pray to do well on their midterms. Students should have this time to focus on their faith rather than their homework.

Finally, when school gets back in session after winter break, it’s a new year and students should be moving on and learning new topics, not going back to what they were working on last year. Midterms should be before winter break to give students genuine time off and a fresh start in the new year. With this change, we will be better prepared to succeed during their exams, more able to enjoy our break, and more efficient in our class time once we get back.