No Filter: dealers detail weed culture

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No Filter: dealers detail weed culture

The Wilson Beacon

The Wilson Beacon

The Wilson Beacon

Ellida Parker and Maya Wilson

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The people with arguably the most insight into weed culture at Wilson are the ones who provide the weed. The Beacon spoke to Wilson dealers — referred to as A, B, and C to protect their identity — about their perspective on weed at Wilson. The interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.


What are you doing right now?


A: Uh, sparking.


How would you describe weed as it plays into Wilson everyday life?


A: I think that you would be surprised if you saw who it was that smokes. Like, people that you wouldn’t think smoke, smoke. Everybody smokes. Going to Wilson, it’s kind of become the norm. You’re kind of not normal if you don’t smoke, you know? Maybe that’s just because I hang around people who smoke all the time. But we’ve served so many people that you would never expect smoke, and they’re just like stoners.


Can you explain why you wouldn’t think they would smoke? What do you mean by that?


A: You know your stereotypical stoner who smells like gas, looks high as s*** all the time? People who don’t smoke all the time, who do really well in school, who don’t fulfill the stoner standards that will get you classified as a stoner, they smoke.


B: It’s the norm, everybody smokes.


Can you describe the subculture?


A: I feel like if I was missing a sheet or didn’t have a sheet, and I had to go find a sheet I could probably find 20 or 30 sheets in the atrium.


Why do you think people smoke?


A: I think smoking brings people together. Some people use it as like a getaway.


B: They want to numb the pain. Or they’re trying to feel kind of defiant as a teenager.


C: It’s more recreational than anything. It makes you feel good. For people who go to school high, it makes school more enjoyable and bearable.


How aware do you think Wilson teachers and administration are? Talk about security.


A: I feel like security is hip. There is no getting past security—they know you smoke. They know when you’re high. They don’t get us in trouble. They don’t call administration or anything. Admin, however, I think they’re all hip that we all smoke. They care, but I think they all know that there’s nothing that they can do about it. Because we never bring weed into school.


How would Wilson be different without weed?


A: I don’t even know. That sh** would be wild. People would be a lot more disconnected. Like the friend groups would be a lot more to themselves. You meet so many people smoking weed.


B:  It would feel like f***ing prison.


C: More than anything people would find different s*** to do.


Is there anything else you want to add?


B: It’s never going to change.


A: I think it is gonna change because Wilson is changing and getting more white. I don’t really know any of the younger kids. There are more and more kids from Chevy Chase coming to Wilson now. I don’t know if this is gonna carry down that much longer. But we’ll see.