Fruit of the Month

Aviv Roskes and Claire Schmitt

As winter drags on, very few things bring us relief from the bleak weather, early sunsets, and general badness. And yet, we are reminded of what lies ahead: weather warm enough that you are comfortable in only a t-shirt, but can still wear jeans without burning. It is so close that we can almost taste it, and we are so lucky to have found a fruit that blesses us with this same optimism.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to present to you the humble mango. The first bite of a mango is always exciting, and the first mango of the season is always something to look forward to. Dried mango, while you are still delicious, it is time for you to step aside. Nothing compares to the nostalgic, yet playful taste of the season’s first mango. Delightfully slimy, perfectly sweet, we are proud to welcome the mango to 2019.

On the outside, mangos are red and green and also brown sometimes. But on the inside, the bright orange flesh is a beacon of hope. So, as we sat down to taste a mango early in its season, we both grinned at the thought of all the summer fruits to come. Pears, grapes, berries, and cherries didn’t feel so far away, finally.

There are six main varieties of mangoes, endless ways to cut them, and people all over the world with different reasons for loving this easy breezy tropical fruit. Yet, no matter how you enjoy a mango, it serves as a promise of the possibility of a better, sunnier tomorrow.