DC’s liberal atmosphere fuels political ignorance

Photo courtesy of the Daily Evergreen

Photo courtesy of the Daily Evergreen

Aris Kurts-Papadopoulos

A few months ago, I came into Wilson to find a boy wearing a MAGA hoodie in my English class. I was surprised since that is a very bold statement to make, especially at a school where the overwhelming majority of the student body is liberal. Many kids in the class were laughing and taking photos and videos. I understood the commotion, but I felt bad for the kid.

Most people at Wilson have liberal views because our city, and many of our parents, are left-leaning. Even our classes are taught from a liberal perspective. Our teachers and administrators are not supposed to say or do things that could influence the student’s political standpoint, but it happens anyway.

Even though there are very few students at Wilson with conservative viewpoints, that doesn’t mean that their ideas do not matter. They are still a part of our community and should be treated as such. Making a conservative comment should not be combated with hate and bullying. If you do not agree with the comment then you can express your views or a counterargument, but don’t make the other student feel like they can’t share their points.

Beyond just respecting others’ viewpoints, students should be better informed about their own views. Students should put more effort into the research they do on what they are claiming to believe in. Many students at Wilson jump to the conclusion of good and bad when it comes to the Democratic and Republican parties, but do they even know all the core beliefs of those said parties?

I’m sure some students are up-to-date and familiar with the constant flow of new ideas for both parties, but there are many students who aren’t. Democratic views are voiced as the almighty and honorable belief while Republican views are seen as inherently sexist and racist. Kids who believe in the latter are essentially bullied and posted on social media as jokes. School should not be that kind of environment at all; it should be a place where students can speak their mind freely on an issue and receive the feedback and respect that they deserve from their peers.

Since being liberal is just considered the school norm, it makes it hard for students to get exposure to the views of other parties. It’s quite possible that if some students looked into other parties and branched out from the liberal shell of their peers, they may find that there are some ideals that they share with the opposite side.

This pressing issue of kids not being informed on where they stand in their beliefs is bigger than just our high school. Staying educated on the growing beliefs of the politicians and leaders of our country is a very important part of being a U.S. citizen. Having an informed worldview can also make a student a stronger advocate for either side by making them familiar of what they are arguing against and for. Especially as students growing up and learning in our nation’s capital, it is important to stay knowledgeable about these sorts of things. So please: stay informed so we can be the best we can be.