House Wilson predicts Game of Thrones Season 8

Warning: Spoilers included!

Grace Kowel and Kali Kowal

Two summers ago, we had the experience of a lifetime: binge-watching HBO’s television series “Game of Thrones.” The show has seven seasons and 67 episodes. That’s 74.8 hours of “Game of Thrones,” which is more hours than the average Wilson student has for community service. So, here’s a refresher for the less dedicated viewers:

The Starks are reunited at Winterfell. Arya and Sansa are still kicking a**, while Bran is busy being a psychic with communication issues. Cersei still has the throne (ugh) and is now allied with Theon’s gross uncle. The Freys are gone, along with the Boltons, so no more flaying in season eight (thank god). Daenerys is still the best character- not only did she escape an incestual family, but she’s the mother of dragons. Sadly, one of the dragons was turned into a zombie dragon by the night king. Speaking of zombies, the wall in the North has fallen and an army of cold, dead people are on their way to kill everyone. Because of this, Jon Snow’s beautiful self is trying to unite the petty kingdoms so they don’t all die.

So, what comes next? There are two main options: either everyone dies, or most people die except for a few who beat the white walkers. Social studies teacher Aaron Besser seems to think the first is more likely. “I’m willing to bet that at the end of ‘Game of Thrones,’ everyone’s going to die. The white walkers are going to win,” he predicts. This option is pretty logical given the circumstances, but that would be a cruel thing to do to their die-hard fans. Most people are a bit more optimistic, like junior Rachel Wallach. She thinks that “Daenerys’ army is going to beat the white walkers, but the night king will kill someone important.” We think this is a plausible ending, but we’re praying that one of our favorites doesn’t die.

Our prediction is that Jon will die in order to kill the night king. Daenerys will rule the seven kingdoms with her remaining dragons, taking the place of Cersei. We think Cersei’s death will be at the hands of Jaime after he realizes that the only important thing is fighting alongside Jon’s army and defeating the white walkers. Tyrion, the true hero of the story, will find some way to save the day in his witty way. Maybe while riding a dragon?