Krispy Kash: Making dough from donuts

Krispy Kash: Making dough from donuts

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Margaret Heffernan, Ethan Leifman

As players on Wilson’s ultimate frisbee team, we have heard numerous times that we aren’t a real sport. Despite being a nationally ranked program, we longed to achieve the true marker of a Wilson sports team: fundraising with Krispy Kreme donuts. At 7 a.m. on January 29, Margaret picked up 70 boxes from the Krispy Kreme in Dupont Circle, solidifying our place in Wilson athletics. That day, the frisbee team raised $675.74, keeping $328.54 as profit. This 49-percent profit far exceeded our profits at fundraisers at Tenleytown restaurants.

The Process:

Step 1: Fill out an easy form on You can actually fundraise for non-school related activities, like for a church.
Step 2: Pick up donuts from Krispy Kreme in Dupont Circle at 7 a.m. Pay for donuts at a reduced price.
Step 3: Stuff 70 donut boxes in your car and bring them up two flights of stairs.
Step 4: Team members pick up boxes before school.
Step 5: Everyone sells the donuts.
Step 6: Spend half an hour counting money
Step 7: Repay your parents who bought the donuts.

Why do teams use Krispy Kreme?

It turns out pretty much every team uses Krispy Kreme for the same reasons: everyone loves donuts, and the team keeps a much larger share of the profits than they do with other fundraisers. Team community fundraisers through local establishments often give teams less than 20 percent of profits, and that’s only from people who mention that they are buying food to support the team. For an $8 Chipotle burrito, only $1.60 will go to a team. In contrast, for the purchase of eight Krispy Kreme donuts, roughly $3.88 will go to a team. That difference quickly adds up.

How much do teams make?

Frisbee: The frisbee team raised $675.74 from one fundraiser, keeping $328.54 as profit. This is a 48.62 percent profit

Crew: The crew team’s members are unsure of how much exactly they raise from Krispy Kreme, but they routinely raise thousands of dollars from Krispy Kreme.

Soccer: The soccer team ordered 75 boxes and made a profit of around $400.

What do they use it for?

Frisbee: The frisbee team is using its profits to offset tournament fees.

Crew: Despite recently raising over $200,000 dollars, the crew team is still raising money. “It mainly goes to dues and fees- paying coaches, regatta fees, boat house fees, equipment repair, buying boats, bus and hotel payments, and financial aid.” says junior Lauren Jackson, a rower on the team.

Soccer: The soccer team gained about $400 in profit and used some of the money for their senior gifts. They did not use it all, and saved some for future expenses.

So how is Krispy Kreme still making a profit?

In short, donuts are super cheap to make. Online, avid homemade donut makers attest that it only costs around 10 cents to make a donut. Even if Krispy Kreme only takes 52 cents per donut from your fundraiser, they’re still making a huge profit. Additionally, the company giving back to the community makes them a more attractive donut place to customers who place high value on corporate goodwill.