Guiding the grind: Sports philosophy at Wilson


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Noah Gross, Max Gualtieri, Aidan Sobocinski

Coaches are often known for their mantras. The Beacon
talked to five of Wilson’s head athletic coaches to learn
about their distinct philosophies. The quotes below are
various words of wisdom that Wilson coaches frequently

“You always have to be on your game. You always have to
be ready to race. From the beginning of practice till I send
the athletes home, they are racing. There are no off strokes.”
– Wilson Boys Crew Coach, Joe McMullin

“Rowing is all about incremental improvement—every
day you should find a way to make yourself a little bit
– Girls Crew Coach, Chris Rickard

“I would like to instill a growth mindset into the girls and
to let them know you might not be where you want to be
now, but you will after some hard work and dedication.”
– Girls Lacrosse Coach, Jacqueline Cook

“One of our key mantras is ‘0-0.’ That’s a mindset we use
to emphasize that any point in the game should be treated
the same. Whether we are winning by a lot, losing by a lot,
or in a tight game, we want to have the same focus and same
– Ultimate Frisbee Coach, Dave Ohls

“Hit it where they’re not.”
– Softball Coach, David Thompson