Spring Fashion in the Halls

Chiara Purificato



Sophomore Willa Hance is inspired by funky patterns. She frequently shops at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

Freshman Hiram Valladares likes to shop at thrift stores, and his fashion inspiration is his sister. He is currently wearing a vintage trench coat.

Freshman Zoe Kaplan shops primarily at Urban Outfitters and thrift stores. Her style is based on outfits she sees on Instagram and Depop.

Senior Nadia Tewolde buys most of her clothes from Forever 21 and Hollister. She is certainly very color coordinated!

Junior Paola Trinh shops in her grandma’s closet. 🙂

Freshman Kurt Peacock is inspired by A$AP Rocky. He mainly shops at Grilled and online retailers.

Sophomores Avery Wright and Mia Heyward look to their sisters for outfits ideas and mainly shop at thrift stores. 


All photos courtesy of Chiara Purificato.