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Adin McGurk and Noah Frank

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1 – 26-year Wilson ELL teacher

5 – Hello in the 50th state

10 – Who shalt not kill?

14 – Acceptable slip-ons

15 – Rob again

16 – 2019 NCAAM champs

17 – Known as the hardest AP

19 – Heiress of Arendelle

20 – Brooks or Gibson

21 – Ew!

22 – A blessing to students but not teachers

24 – Connecticut Avenue’s alternative to Politics

26 – It’s Phifer, not ____

27 – One letter off from 18 down

28 – A necessary accessory for Wilson’s baseball players

29 – Plenty

33 – Nation’s largest cinema chain

34 – If you’re not one of these you don’t have that Tiger pride

36 – Tenley hardware

37 – Administrative meme

38 – Wilson protested this interest group in March of 2018

39 – Alternative to a dive

41 – DC’s first metro-accessible airport

42 – Cronus is one of these and so is Saturn’s biggest moon

43 – DCPS wants to have these

44 – Leonard Long ___


45 – It might be too late now to say this

47 – Most recent Best Actor winner

50 – The city of love

51 – Airport security

53 – Coordinated Care Network

54 – Third base

56 – 3950 ____

59 – Not sharp

60 – They don’t like to see him winning

61 – As opposed to an aye or bee

62 – John Legend won one of these as Jesus Christ

63 – Nuggets’ recent conquest

64 – It is not advisable to kiss and do this



1 – The surname of Moe, may he rest in peace

2 – One who hopes

3 – What many Wilson students seek, both before and after graduation

4 – You’ll find this in a fireplace or on the benches at Reno

5 – A British word for one’s behind

6 – A common typo of like (according to Urban Dictionary)

7 – Common ugly villains in fantasy stories

8 – The Hospitality Academy’s job is to make prom run __________

9 – The evaluations a teacher can give you

10 – An aspiration for many JROTC students

11 – Something that is sacred or filled with orifices

12 – The tuition any DC student must pay for a public university (besides UDC)

13 – The country where WWHS is located

18 – An outdated dance, also what you might say when you get someone’s neck

23 – A misspelling of one of Wilson’s feeder schools

25 – Conference for many Southern universities

26 – A popular alternative type of football

28 – In Tenleytown, Supercuts and Camillo’s

30 – Only the nerds have one of these

31 – The Beacon member who brings you KITH

32 – Max Scherzer’s is low

33 – A bowl commonly consumed by Caucasian females

34 – Girls just want to have this

35 – LBJ’s new team

36 – Alternative to the SAT

37 – A very appetizing roll at Wilson

40 – A way to breathe, other than orally

41 – A day in Ms. Wopat’s class

44 – The old name for Apple Map

46 – Notorious dress-coder

48 – Alice Deal math teacher

49 – The famous action of Colin Kaepernick

50 – The kind of of trees that grow coconuts

51 – A historical leadership position you might learn about in AP World

52 – A famous store on Fifth Avenue

54 – Something you might write for someone you are fond of

55 – A pirate favorite that you definitely can’t bring into Wilson

57 – You might wrongly think that this is the ending of the DCPS website

58 – Reasonable teachers let students do this in class

About the Writers
Adin McGurk, Print Editor

This guy is a senior who has written for The Beacon for three years. Vaguely resembling the character known as “Gumby,” The Beacon’s beloved Print...

Noah Frank, Written Content Editor

An aspiring deli worker, this Beacon senior has been editing written content left and write as long as anyone can remember. If he isn’t correcting his...

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