Sugar Fox brings ice cream and sweets near Wilson


Courtesy of Margot Durfee

Anna Arnsberger

As spring rolls around the corner with warm weather in tow, many find themselves craving their favorite frozen treat: ice cream. After long hours trapped in school or during a sunny day off, nothing beats going out for this refreshingly cold, creamy, and sweet American staple. However, ice cream shops are naturally unsustainable in cities like DC that have a proper winter. As a result of this cruel trend, Wilson has been living in an ice cream desert for years—until a few weeks ago, when Sugar Fox opened just down the road.

Located on 5027 Connecticut Avenue, Sugar Fox is just two doors up from its parent cafe, Little Red Fox. The ice cream shop-bakery is just as cozy as one would expect. With funky colorful lights suspended from the ceiling and foxes painted on the wall, Sugar Fox certainly fits the bill for a trendy local business. When I visited it was fairly empty and I could easily find a place to sit at one of the two miniature tables. However, this shoe box of a restaurant will surely be cramped on a busy day.

Sugar Fox currently offers four main products: cake, cupcakes, ice cream, and milkshakes. Along with already-prepared treats, custom bakes are available to order. One of the first things I noticed about the menu was the cost. While I expected lofty prices from this high-end ice cream shop, $4 for a single kids scoop and $7.50 for a 12oz milkshake seemed especially expensive.

After a few minutes of pondering the limited yet engaging array of ice cream flavor choices, I decided to order the coconut lime sorbet and creme fraiche with strawberries (crunchy PB&J and dark chocolate sorbet came in close second). I couldn’t resist also trying a slice of the chocolate sheet cake.

The coconut lime sorbet nicely blended the tropical flavors of its two main components. I enjoyed that it was not overly sweet, but I wished the flavors were slightly less subtle. I found its chalky, crushed ice-like texture unusual even for a sorbet.

My favorite by far was the creme fraiche with strawberries. The sugar and tartness of the strawberry jam complemented the creme fraiche’s decadent cream perfectly. This smooth buttery-sweet combination will definitely find its way onto my prestigious list of best ice cream flavors.

Finally, I dug into the solid square of chocolate that had been staring at me since I walked in. The cake had a very dense texture, closely resembling a brownie. Its flavor was rich and delicate, and like the sorbet, not blatantly sweet. While I enjoyed my slice, I wouldn’t describe it as the intensely indulgent cocoa explosion that some expect in a chocolate cake.

Overall, Sugar Fox is a pleasing way to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. While its price point makes it unreasonable for regular visits, I’d surely stop by again for a special treat.