Sweep Jesus: Wilson teacher leads double life as master curler

Baraka Aboul-Magd

At first, curling was a way for math teacher Jeremy Singer to get out of the house once a week. Twenty years and a few hundred curling tournaments later, the sport has become one of his most cherished passions.

Singer first heard about curling from a book about activities to do in DC. He went to an open house not planning on joining a team. He didn’t think much of the sport at the time, but the members insisted he had to join because they already signed him up. Though he later realized this was false, Singer still signed up for a team, beginning his two-decade career in the sport.

The National Capital Curling Club, founded in Laurel, Maryland in 2001, is a recreational team with whom Singer practices semiweekly. The 9:30 games can run as late as midnight, causing a small effect on his mood while teaching, as his students have noticed he is not very pleasant on Tuesdays, according to Singer.

A curling team consists of four people. It can be single sex or co-ed depending on the players’ level of experience. Singer is on a team with four other men. Although they’re all friends, he’s hoping to convince some of his other friends to join.

Since Singer only plays the sport recreationally, his training and competitions are not as serious as the Olympic level ones. “The actual act of throwing a stone isn’t that hard to learn but it’s hard to get good at because you need to have balance you need to release,” said Singer, who adds that he doesn’t necessarily “train” for the games.

There are two types of competitions: The more competitive ones have a judge and officials, while the second type, a Bond Spill, is less formal. While still competitive, a Bond Spill is also a social event with fun activities. Singer participates in Bond Spills.

Singer enjoys curling because there is a social etiquette everyone must follow. What he loves most is that curling involves a lot of strategy and thinking, which ties into what Singer does for a living.

There are competitions about every week that occur nationwide. Singer has traveled all over the country for Bond Spills. The furthest he’s traveled to is California; he more regularly competes on the East Coast.

To Singer, curling is more than just a sport, it’s a social event. This July he is going to Rhode Island for a Bond Spill with a couple of old friends. Singer is able to exercise, hangout, play board games, and drink, all while at a Bond Spill.